Though the road ahead may be difficult and long, if we persist, we will reach our destination; by persevering, a bright future awaits.

専修商事 専修商事

Our company

The company presidents greeting

Hello everyone, I am Sun Zhongqiang, the founder and president of Senshu Business Co., Ltd.
Born in Anhui Province, China, in 1991, I came to Japan to study in 2011,and graduated from the Faculty of Business at Senshu University in 2016. In the same year, I established Senshu Business Co., Ltd.
In this ever-changing international environment and market, as the leader of an enterprise, my guiding principles are

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Our works

description of business

We are wholesalers of electrical appliances, beauty/cosmetic products, and daily necessities. We provide domestic distribution and logistics services for household appliances and daily necessities in Japan. We offer many popular products in the market and are committed to delivering products that satisfy our customers.

This year, our subsidiary dedicated to Japanese distribution has begun operations, significantly reducing the transportation time within Japan to a minimum of two days and even on the same day, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction.


Wholesale and Domestic Logistics Services for Electrical Appliances and Daily Necessities

We engage in wholesale and retail sales of popular electronic products, beauty and cosmetic items, and daily necessities.
Collaborating with local suppliers we have built trusted relationships over the years, we efficiently and steadily provide the latest and hottest products in Japan. Our commitment is to deliver satisfying products and provide efficient services to distributors worldwide.

This year, our domestic logistics company has commenced operations, significantly reducing the delivery time within Japan to a minimum of two days and even on the same day, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction.

Overseas E-commerce

Currently, we operate shops on three of the world’s top e-commerce platforms, “eBay,” “Lazada,” and “Ali Express.” While running these shops, we closely monitor the trends of customers worldwide, swiftly capturing changes in demand and trends. Emphasizing product variety, competitive prices, and convenience, we aim to deliver satisfying and delightful services to customers all over the world.


China Import and
Export Trade Business

We are committed to importing high-quality and reasonably priced Chinese products into Japan for sale, and vice versa. With a strong network of suppliers in China, we can handle import and export trade for the Japanese market as well as offer OEM and ODM services for small household appliances in Chinese factories.

Export Business to
Singapore and Other

We actively engage in trading Japanese goods with countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and Taiwan. Currently, we export Japanese products worth 50 to 100 million yen to overseas countries every month. We also plan to expand our market sales channels to new countries and regions, such as Thailand and Vietnam, centered around Singapore.

専修商事 専修商事



Our faith

Valuing Our Team, Grateful for
Our Customers, and Contributing to Society

In addition to our business responsibilities, we strictly adhere to universal business ethics in China, Japan, and the world at large. We respect ethics, culture, and human rights, and operate with integrity, fairness, and responsibility, creating a positive business environment and corporate culture.

会社名 専修商事株式会社
住所 〒335-0026 埼玉県戸田市新曽南一丁目11番23号 専修ビル1F/2F/3F
倉庫物流 〒277-0871 千葉県柏市若柴69-1
代表者 代表取締役 孫忠強
事業内容 家電・日用品卸売事業、貿易・貿易代行、小型家電の中国工場製造代行(OEM、ODM)
創立 2016年9月
資本準備金 112億円
従業員数 20名